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twist up my thoughts...silly asian

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May 21st, 2005

05:41 pm
had a nice no destination day of just relaxin with steph.... and now at home
YUP gotta love warm days you don't have to work!

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May 17th, 2005

11:40 pm
I went to the zoo
then to my grandmas for a few hours
today rocked

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May 16th, 2005

09:59 pm
RhsAznSweetHeart: You keep me on my toes
RhsAznSweetHeart: I like that
ifonly*******s: You knock me on my butt
ifonly*******s: and I love it

My boy is too cute

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May 15th, 2005

12:50 am
I taught my boyfriend how to dance in the rain yesterday
how to REALLY dance in the rain
It made my life a little brighter...

Today I spent all day with Steph and Nicole.. with the exception Of when DOug took me to buy a new tennis racket
And me steph nik and scott watched a movie
I played life.. I WON.. heh
and Umm..
thats bout it..

but its okay cuz i always do..

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May 11th, 2005

09:14 pm
ya so
I'm home alone eating cold chinese food going over today's encounters
Id have to say IM MIGHTY RELAXED


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May 10th, 2005

10:53 pm - SAY IM A BIRD.
Alright soooo summary of Mindys day!... Now...we all know I'm a sweetheart to everyone like 90 percent of the time.. I don't like being hateful and I very rarley am. Well I can truley say today I was P.O'D!

Okay well at my salon we have to charge a dollar extra when you pay with credit card this is because we are charged transaction fees. Even if we swipe your card and it's denied.. we pay... This is posted in two places in our salon. Once on the clipboard where you sign in and once on the wall. Well this lady had her nails and toes done with a grand total of 48 dollars... After her credit card was ran it became 49 dollars. Apparently she flipped her lid saying it was insane we'd charge an extra dollar and the owner is pocketing that money we aren't charged extra and blah blah... She know's this because she too used to own a bussiness.. WHATEVER.. anyways I didn't catch this I was preoccupied with my own clients, after she left Bonnie a woman who works for us told me what happened. I'm like alright whatever...
well get this..
THIS WOMAN HAD THE AUDACITY TO COME BACK.. and not only did she return she brought the walmart manager along.. AS IF THAT WOULD DO ANYTHING.. keep in mind we do not pay Walmart we are a franchise affiliated with WALMART. He kinda stands there dumbfounded and finally just walks away because when It's830 at night and I'm tired please oh please don't start with me.
She comes back saying we are crazy for charging this and whatever.. She's like wheres the manager my aunt says she's out of town.. She say well who's the assistant manager, this is when my attention was caught.. I stand up..
and yes I do realize it can be frustrating when you feel (this 18 year old punk wants to run mommys bussiness) That's not the case, I've been doing this my entire life I have a good head on my shoulders and despite what he prejudments may be I KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON.

I stand up and tell her I'm in charge do you have a problem..
she preaches the same thing.. I'm like Miss you know we have to charge extra due to such high service charges I apoligize but it's clearly posted in the establishment.. She say that what we are doing IS AGAINST THE LAW?
Um excuse me... Does the law REQUIRE we provide credit card usage? NO.. thats for HER CONVIENCE and maybe if she was intelligent she'd read the signs. I'm like look lady I'm going to level with you.. I understand you're upset and I do apologize but that's our policy and there isn't anything I can do for you. She starts SCREAMING.. this is when you start to see my veins bulge...

I start yelling back.. I'm like look you spent 48 DOLLARS TO GET YOUR DAMN TOES DONE... If you are truley that concerned with ONE DOLLAR then apparently you shouldn't be spending you're money on luxurys like hands and nails. She's like I hope you know you lost a 48 dollar customer over ONE DOLLAR.. I said you know what ma'am I'd rather not have customers like you.. Have a nice night.. she *excuse me* Bitched her whole way out of the store.. telling the front manager, walmart greeter and police officer.. they all laughed and then came over to make sure I wasn't TOO PEEVED..
Oh but I was..
Cheap people... don't get your damn nails done..
that's a candy bar..

so after that entire affair I close up and run to bw3s for Samers bday gathering of sorts..I really enjoy having him for a friend he's agood guy.He and I shared a good conversation.. it was lovley.. Now onto bed :) Night everyone.

I'm a bird..
and he's a bird If I'm a bird..

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May 9th, 2005

08:57 pm
today was awesome I spent the whole day with my boy at the tennis cities...
I liked having the day off
I decided I'm going to buckle down the rest of this week and finish everything I need to
then CHILLAX til'grad..
well the AP paper being an exception
but as far as class work goes uh no.
So I learned the ins and outs of tennis ..
its actually really intresting]
I had a good time being able to be part of him..
just being with him made me smile a lot... I liked that he wanted me to come even though thats his thing ya kno? But I missed my friends at school :( He saw myhouse today for the first time... It's really amazing we just layed on my floor listening to music and talked.. and not once did he try anything stupid.. nor did I try anything.. I love this wholesome..wonderfful thing we have.. I love that us is about us and just being together not that lustful bullshit I had to deal with in the past...he's not into me for that and I never have to worry about that being the case since he's a big V :) yay for that..
It's cool not having anything in particular to do just laying and talking and being together even in silence is awesome.. I love getting to know this kid... still do.. everyday...

I can't wait till this summer I'm gonna have a great one.. yes cuz I have awesome friends..
awesome boyfriend
Ma's being cool
Le's being cool
Got money saved up
and set days to be off work!


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May 8th, 2005

03:29 am

Today was INTRESTING I suppose. * I worked a lot. * I hung out with girlies all night and Jimmy.It was ottaayy

I miss My Andrew :(

I thought I was getting pulled over but wasn't THANK GOODNESS


talking to Jason online

maybe I'll post the convo under LJ cut later for intrested readers

cuz goodness knows this is amusing the shit outta me


I miss my andrew.. and all day I kept thinking about how damn nice it'll be when I can see and talk to him whenever I want.. instead of just in classes and on the weekdays

I'm not a bad person. I hate that they think that.. or more so think I cause him to be a bad person.. He's beautiful when he's with me.. I wish they knew that.




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May 7th, 2005



I know.I'm weird.. I've been told.

Hey hey so latley I havn't really been updating much. I know I'm a bore!... Schools been pretty stupid. Last week I had my A.P test now all thats left is my Term paper on The Da Vinci Code and I'm through with that class. I have to finish up Calc as well. Joys.. GRADUATION It's so close! Andrew and I are getting closer and closer.. which is both amazing and frightening.  Yesterday he said something along the lines of I just like being with you.. despite what we're doing.. or even if we aren't doing anything just as long as I'm with you... At that moment we were laying on the sidewalk in front of my car in the student parkinglot.. why because we just do things like that.. and Here I am thinking.. Man where did this kid come from? And why did I wait 4 years to get to know him like this. I know why.. I know everything happened in correct time.. but still. I hope this summer goes well. I don't want him to move out because then he'll be working a lot to keep bills paid and money saved for school in the fall. BUT If his parents are going to keep him from me.. I'll help him pack :) lol. Why would anyone risk so much.. for me? Why me? I'm really not that great. But I promise. I'm not going to runaway from this one.. Nope. Not happening. If something causes us to split.. it will be a mutual decision and it won't be a bad one. I hope. For now.. today is today.. he's all I've got that isn't a delayed pleasure. He's my happiness for today... not my good grades for tommorow, my money saving for tommorow, my smart decisions FOR TOMMOROW. One thing in my life for sure.. is for today.. and maybe tommorow too.. but one step at a time.. and serious.. serious baby steps at that.
        But I'm happy and thats a lot more then I can say for most of my senior year... so Maybe I won't end it with a FUCK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY on june 7th like I had previously thought?

GAH! okay well Ashleys talkin to me about some audition at 10.. its 845..

You know how Mindy is about auditions..


LOL.. later kids!

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May 5th, 2005

10:18 pm
schools stupid
I'm really ready for it to be over with
I had a stupid A.P test today
My boy is making a somewhat hilarious clay project
AHH joy..
Um..ate at paneras
and this whole Journalism... Newspaper assignment is starting to make me really guilty feeling
I might give in soon cuz Im stressed out

Im going

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